Important ad items have been cancelled due to lack of supply.

An important message about the ad that breaks today.
Greetings, Al’s shoppers. We have our new ad coming out today which you view online if you don’t get the newspaper. Unfortunately, because our ads are printed a week ahead of time and cancellations are coming in every day, there are a lot of items in that ad that we will not be able to honor – for example, the 99¢ asparagus, and the free egg offer when you buy Smithfield bacon.
Items are often booked weeks in advance, but right now our suppliers are either behind in production or only allocating so many cases of product that stores can buy, no matter how much they may have ordered.
By now, we’re sure you have a grasp of the commodities that are in high demand – fresh meat and sale produce, paper products, bread, cleaning supplies – you see empty shelves no matter where you go. But there are also departments that right now seem to be doing better…dairy and seafood are among those.
So please don’t give up on us! We’re doing our best to fulfill your needs under very difficult circumstances, and we apologize that we can’t honor every single item in today’s ad or promise that those items will be in any time during the week.
On a positive note, you’ll notice that we’ve installed new protective shields at our registers to help keep you and our employees safe at the checkouts. Since it’s hard to keep that six foot distancing when you’re paying for your groceries, this is the next best thing we can do. And please remember the “two carts” rule while waiting in line to comply with social distancing recommendations.
We’re doing what we can to flatten the curve, and if everyone does the same, hopefully things can get back to normal sooner rather than later!